Adult Counselling

Our waiting list is currently open.

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Our counselling waiting list is for referrals aged 16 years and over.

Counselling offers you a safe, neutral place to come and talk about what you are feeling and to explore the difficult areas in your life. By being listened to in an accepting and non-judging environment, you may start to understand yourself and life better and perhaps feel able to make some positive changes.

PCHP has professionally trained counsellors who are experienced in working with clients on many issues affecting emotional and mental wellbeing, for example:

  • Feelings of anxiety, depression or panic
  • Feeling lonely, frightened, or fed up about relationships, work or just life in general
  • Feeling worthless, worried, angry, anxious, confused without knowing why
  • Feeling upset about things from the past
  • Dealing with a loss or some other kind of crisis in your life
  • Dealing with difficult situations in your family

“Because of counselling I can now look forward with hope.”

PCHP Counselling Service is funded to cover a catchment area which includes: Muirhouse, Pilton, West Pilton, Granton and Royston Wardieburn. We will check that your address allows you to access the service.

We will welcome you to PCHP regardless of your ability to pay. However, as PCHP runs on limited grants, we ask all clients to contribute voluntarily towards the cost of their counselling if they are in a position to do so. This is completely your decision and WILL NOT affect access to your counselling service as we appreciate that for some clients a contribution is not possible. We have no fixed charge; however, even the sum of £1.00 per session will help PCHP maintain a counselling service. This will be discussed at your initial appointment.

Fast Track Service
We have a limited fast track service which is restricted to appointments that are not being used by the core service. This enables those able to pay a full fee of £35 to be seen quickly by a qualified counsellor without impacting on other appointments. If you would like to apply for fast track counselling please contact PCHP.

Contact us about Adult Counselling: