Food For Thought Forum

What is the Food For Thought Forum?

The Food For Thought Forum exists to bring together community food and growing initiatives, organisations, projects and individuals within the area of Greater Pilton, Edinburgh; and to support, promote, link and increase local community food activity.

Our Vision

We believe everyone in North Edinburgh should have access to a tasty, enjoyable, nutritious diet. We want food to be a central part of our thriving community, bringing people together to grow, bake, cook and eat.

We want to see our community skilled and empowered to grow and cook good quality food for their families, friends and neighbours, and to see more local employment opportunities created in the production, distribution and preparation of the food we eat.

Our members are working towards aspects of this shared vision, and we believe that by working together we are stronger and better able to contribute to the flourishing of North Edinburgh.

Our Key Aims

  • To share and pool our knowledge and resources around community food and health
  • To use our collective resources to further develop a thriving local food culture
  • To move towards an adaptable and resilient community by providing opportunities for local skills development
  • To work together towards improving diet, food access, nutrition and health in Greater Pilton

Who Can Join?

Anyone involved or interested in community food or growing activity in Greater Pilton is welcome to join.

To get involved, contact Joe on 0131 551 1671 to join our mailing list.

What Does It Involve?

  • Attending regular local meetings
  • Sharing ideas, knowledge and resources
  • Contributing to the planning, promotion and coordination of events
  • Signposting queries to appropriate forum members
  • Regularly contributing to ongoing forum discussion

More Information

See the Pilton Community Food Map to find out more about local food projects.

Or go to our main Food page to learn more about the Food Team at PCHP.