Vision & Mission

Our vision is for equality, well-being and belonging for all in our communities.

PCHP supports and enables local people to improve their own health and create a healthy community and environment.

By health we mean:

  • People who are full of energy and able to enjoy things, have good social relations, positive self-esteem, a sense of purpose in life and who feel connected to their community.
  • An empowered community with a sense of togetherness and belonging in a thriving local culture and economy, where everyone feels safe, is heard and has ways to resolve conflict.
  • An environment with natural space for people to thrive in, where everyone has enough food, shelter and energy.

Core Values

The following principles and values underpin all of our work:

Relationships built on trust, respect and honesty.

Welcoming and inclusive behaviour that ensures everyone is treated with dignity.

Work that actively supports and empowers people, enabling them to take control of their own lives, and that protects their rights.

Positivity, enthusiasm and a commitment to work flexibly and creatively to achieve our vision.