Funding Cuts

Pilton Community Health Project (PCHP) is Scotland’s oldest community project, and has successfully played a vital role in the local community for over 34 years. In December 2018 we received the news that our funding was unexpectedly cut from local council and NHS, and the future of PCHP was under threat. Following this, we developed a campaign to #SavePCHP, which aimed to spread awareness of the financial situation and begin fundraising to ensure our doors stayed open.


Thanks to support from the local residents and organisations, we were able to survive the initial period following our funding cuts. A huge thank you to everyone who was involved!

A wider campaign, Save Our Services (SOS) was jointly launched by all services affected by these cuts in North West Edinburgh. These are: Almond Mains Initiative, Drylaw Neighborhood Centre, North Edinburgh Timebank, North West Carers, PEP, as well as PCHP.


Following our initial efforts, we began planning for the longer term. This stage of our campaign is called #SustainPCHP, reflecting the direction we want to take for the future, focusing on building strong foundations to rebuild PCHP.

To help sustain PCHP, please consider becoming a Friend of PCHP or making a donation.

A collage of moments from our #SavePCHP campaign. Click to see a bigger version.

Our fundraising video from the #SavePCHP campaign.