Reports & Resources

This page collects a variety of reports and resources produced by Pilton Community Health Project, along with other resources that may be of interest to our service users.

PCHP Annual Reports

PCHP Annual Report 2018-2019

Food & Nutrition


See our recipes page for some easy, nutritious recipes from our food team, and recipe books put together in collaboration with people from the local area!

Food and Healthy Eating – information sheets

Sugar Pt. 1Sugar Pt. 2Portion Pt. 1Portion Pt. 2Can’t Eat Pt. 1Can’t Eat Pt. 2

These information sheets will provide you with up to date information on 3 different food and health topics. Each sheet introduces a specific topic – sugar, portion size, and food allergies and intolerance – with lots of helpful information, hints and tips on each.

Hungry for Change

Demographic Information

Pilton Community Health Project conducted this small scale study of community food activity in North Edinburgh to examine in more detail how residents and community groups have taken action to alleviate food insecurity. We explored how residents feel about options open to them if they are experiencing food insecurity. We also wanted to know what else could be done by us and others to further support this activity.

Sugar – How much is too much?

It is recommended that we should not have more than 90g of sugar a day. This is around 18 teaspoons of sugar.

Tips to avoid hidden sugars:

  • Always read the label – sugar can be given many names – glucose, sucrose, maltose, corn syrup, invert suar and hydrolysed starch
  • Low fat options of your favourite foods can contain more sugar than the original product
  • Watch out for ‘100% natural ingredients’ as sugar is a natural ingredient

Download the PDF for some simple sugar swaps.

Food for Thought Map

This map will help you find all the food related activities in North Edinburgh.

Healthy Children, Happy Families

This booklet is aimed primarily at parents and carers and includes suggestions for improving physical and mental health and wellbeing. It provides helpful practical tips and information, highlights the benefits of engaging in physical activity, and includes easy recipes for healthy eating and information about local resources. We hope you find it useful!

Food and Your Body – information sheets

Body MapBonesDigestionEnergyHeartMoodSkin

Designed to cover 6 different body systems, each sheet gives a brief introduction to a specific area of the body, along with lots of helpful information on foods that can help to keep these areas healthy and working well.

On the reverse of each resource sheet is a healthy recipe that makes use of the foods and ingredients that are of particular benefit to that body system.

Good Food for All – conference report

Do we have the ingredients for a well-fed North Edinburgh?

Report from the one day event we held on 1st December 2014 to discuss food poverty and what needs to change to eradicate it.

Diet & Discomforts During Pregnancy

A simple guide to combat common discomforts during pregnancy through your diet.

Exercise & Fitness

North Edinburgh’s Hidden Gems

Six short walks in Pilton, Muirhouse, Granton and Drylaw. All the routes are tried and tested by PCHP’s award-winning walking volunteers. The booklet contains information on sights you will see and places of interest you will pass on the way. It also gives estimated times and accessibility information.

Physical Activity Map

This map shows you all the local places where you can get active in North Edinburgh. It was produced by the Physical Activity Team at Pilton Community Health Project.

More North Edinburgh’s Hidden Gems

After the success of the first Hidden Gems book of walks we have produced a second version. This is a series of 6 walks around North Edinburgh that help you discover more of the surprises that can be found in the area. They include ancient medieval gardens, community and public works of art, places to forage for free food and insights into the area’s past, its industry, schools and castles.

Wild Places & Open Spaces

The areas of Pilton, Muirhouse, Granton and Drylaw are blessed with a magnificent mixture of wild, outdoor places where local people can go and enjoy being connected to nature. This booklet, produced in 2018, covers local community gardens, parks, beaches and cycle paths.

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