Testimonials: PEEP

Mina was referred to the WSW service by a member of staff at Bump Start when she was pregnant with her second child.

Mina had a difficult pregnancy the first time round. She had a health issue which made her immobile and unable to walk. This made her dependent on family members, and Mina recalls feeling a burden. It was a difficult and distressing time; Mina developed anxiety that was only to worsen when her first daughter was born in 2008. Her daughter, Audrey, was very ill when she was born (she was premature) and was in intensive care.

Mina also spoke about her restlessness and tendency to permanently move – she has lived in multiple flats as she never feels “at home”.

After one to one support appointments for a couple of months, Mina felt ready to try one to one PEEP sessions with a PEEP Practioner at PCHP and attend these alongside her appointments with WSW.

Mina learned about early learning and development and how to make the most of everyday activities and interactions. Cuddling and hugs were encouraged in the PEEP sessions to allow for the bond and nurturing relationship to develop between mother and baby.

Following several one to one PEEP sessions, Mina thought she could join the PEEP group. This was progress, she never felt comfortable about attending a group before.  Since starting PEEP – she has managed to come on other trips arranged by PCHP with her two children and other families. She interacted well with other children and mums.

Mina made observations about her child’s development and shared activities from PEEP at home, which involved both her daughters. She would often take pictures home to use with play dough and crayons and printed songs to sing for both daughters.  Mina’s older daughter, who is now 5 asked her mother on a weekly basis if she brought anything back from PEEP.

Paul, Mina’s second child attended PEEP for about 10 months and Mina continued to grow in confidence, utilising all her coping/problem solving skills and was ready to take a job. She has settled into her new job, after a break from employment for about 6-7 years and feels more optimistic about the future as a family.