Testimonials: Women Supporting Women

Kayleigh is in her early thirties and she has four children – Tamara (who is 15), Jonny (11), Dionne (3), and Daniel (2). Kayleigh came to Women Supporting Women nine months ago, when she found herself struggling to cope.

As for a lot of lone parents, day to day life is hard for Kayleigh. She moved from Leeds after fleeing a violent partner, and now is isolated and has no family living nearby. Kayleigh and her kids have been in temporary accommodation for several months. She hopes to have a home by Christmas and to remain in the Muirhouse area. There are days when it is hard for her to leave her front door, as she suffers from panic attacks.

Her health visitor referred Kayleigh to WSW. It took a lot for Kayleigh to make that first important step, and come to the project…

“I can still remember how hard it was to just come through the front doors for the first time, I can totally see why someone would find even that impossible… All I can say is I am so glad I did come.

I meet with my worker once a week now and talk over what is on my mind. Sometimes its what is going on that day, the stress of being a Mum, not having a ‘forever home’, not being settled or running out of bread for the packed lunches. Then I can also speak about what has gone on and why I ended up ill… I am definitely better, or getting there…

I look forward to coming in. Dionne has just started nursery and so she misses the crèche, Daniel still goes he runs up the corridor and can’t wait to get in there. WSW made it easier for me to go to other projects, to go to the housing office and get my benefits sorted out at Granton Information Centre… I’ve now got hopes for the future.”