Testimonials: Physical Activity

Yvonne was new to Edinburgh when she was recommended the Walking Group as a way of meeting new people and exploring the area. She felt very much at ease within the group and quickly made a small network of friends.

She began to learn more about the area from the experienced walk leaders, including local history and visits to local projects such as the community gardening groups.

Yvonne was keen to get fitter and was chatting to Irene, one of the walk leaders who had recently trained as a Zumba teacher (encouraged and part funded by a PCHP Champions project). She invited Yvonne to go to her class and buddied her there.

When Yvonne arrived in Edinburgh her confidence was at an all time low. The physical activity really helped to boost her morale and feeling more familiar with the area, her health and feeling of belonging have really benefitted. She has been amazed by the amount of green space in the area that the project has helped her to discover. So much so that she has now become a walk leader allowing her to pass on her knowledge and enthusiasm about walking to others. She completed the training in June and although she still has her bad days Yvonne looks forward to the walking group each week.