Testimonials: Food

Young mum of a 2 year old boy has been coming to PCHP cooking groups for a year.

She started with the weaning group when her son was nearly a year old. Her health visitor recommended she join a weaning group because she wanted to widen her variety of cooking for her and her son. She was eating takeaways, ready meals and processed foods almost every day of the week, apart from some homemade meals when she visited her mum. However, she was a bit concerned about her son who, previously, had not settled in a few crèches from the area.

The weaning group sessions opened up a new experience for her, she learnt how to cook from scratch, prepare simple recipes that she could replicate at home. After the sessions she felt she was more confident to cook, not only copying from a recipe, “just go for it“. She also enjoyed the interaction with other people and the fact her son was settling down in the crèche, so she decided to continue cooking in the International cooking group at PCHP.

“I do not buy jars of sauce any more. I make my own sauces. It has also given me more knowledge about what to look for in the packages, when I ‘m buying food. I’ve learnt to store and keep food and use leftovers. I do not waste food anymore. I’ve also made a good friend in the group”.

“I’ve also learnt about healthy eating and I’ve made alternative choices, for example I’ve realized that brown bread is not disgusting, at times I use turkey mince instead of beef mince”.

“ I can say I’m now cooking more at home, 5 out of 7 days minimum”

“Being in the groups has also showed me what I want to do, it has opened my eyes, not everything is bad and showed me a direction of what I want. I applied to Edinburgh College for the SVQ Preparation for Working in Care and Social Care and the SVQ Preparation in cooking. I’ve got in on both and I’m very happy. I wouldn’t have the confidence of going for them if I hadn’t met my Health visitor and I wouldn’t have attended the weaning and cooking groups at PCHP.”