Testimonials: Cook & Taste

A 36 year old mum and her 4 year old son became regulars at the Cook & Taste sessions (parnership work between PCHP and the Muirhouse Community Shop). The mum works part-time and found it difficult to find time to cook from scratch. She said, “I’m not a person who naturally tries new things and I found it difficult to get my son to try new things.” Both mum and son started coming to the Cook & Taste sessions because he wanted to have a look at what we were doing in the shop. The mum felt nervous about meeting new people before the sessions but the Cook & Taste sessions made her feel “welcome and helpful”.

She had previously thought that it was difficult & time consuming to cook meals from scratch.  From the sessions, she learnt that food cooked from scratch is often healthier and just as quick to prepare as ready meals.

Attending the cook & taste sessions has made me more confident… I never thought something like this would make me change my life… I have more confidence to do things with my son… I like me for me now

Before the Cook & Taste sessions, my diabetic clinic, for years had been asking me to attend a weight management course. I had always said no. These sessions showed me how easy it was to cook healthy meals and gave me the confidence to ask to go on the weight management course. Since April, I have lost 3 stone 1 lb, and I hope to have lost 5 stone by next April. These sessions gave me the boost I didn’t think I would ever have.”

If someone was thinking about coming along to the sessions, I would say to them you can do it if you put your mind to it

“I liked the sessions because they had a good variety of dishes, from different cultures and types of food that were new to me. I was surprised at how much my son tried & liked. It amazed me and gave me confidence to try new things myself. I made cous cous for the first time the other day and my son tried it and loved it.”

“Since the sessions, I’ve made a number of changes.  It’s not like a diet, which I always gave up on before, but healthy eating. I have regular meals now. I still eat crisps and sweets but not loads and loads. Before I would always cook frozen chips, now we’re eating more rice. Now I always put vegetables on my son’s plate whereas before I didn’t think he would eat them so didn’t put them on his plate. 9 times out of 10, he eats them now.”

“The Cook & Taste sessions have had a large impact on my life, I feel happier and healthier. I recently had the confidence to go to my best friend’s hen night dressed up as a flapper girl, something I never would have done before”

You can download the Cook & Taste recipe book here.