Women Supporting Women

Kayleigh is in her early thirties and she has four children – Tamara (who is 15), Jonny (11), Dionne (3), and Daniel (2). Kayleigh came to Women Supporting Women nine months ago, when she found herself struggling to cope.

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When Ruth decided that bringing up a family and running her own catering business was not enough of a challenge, a friend told her about PCHP. What she heard impressed her and she offered to volunteer.

She was asked to volunteer at an International Cookery class. Initially she assisted the facilitator, but as time went on however she was encouraged to do more. Eventually she took on the facilitator’s role.

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Physical Activity

Yvonne was new to Edinburgh when she was recommended the Walking Group as a way of meeting new people and exploring the area. She felt very much at ease within the group and quickly made a small network of friends.

She began to learn more about the area from the experienced walk leaders, including local history and visits to local projects such as the community gardening groups.

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Men Making Meals

A single dad of a 7 year old boy started PCHP cooking sessions in August 2013 and participated in the Men Making Meals group (mmm…cooking) for 2 terms (16 cooking sessions in total).

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Mina was referred to the WSW service by a member of staff at Bump Start when she was pregnant with her second child.

Mina had a difficult pregnancy the first time round. She had a health issue which made her immobile and unable to walk. This made her dependent on family members, and Mina recalls feeling a burden. It was a difficult and distressing time; Mina developed anxiety that was only to worsen when her first daughter was born in 2008. Her daughter, Audrey, was very ill when she was born (she was premature) and was in intensive care.

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Young mum of a 2 year old boy has been coming to PCHP cooking groups for a year.

She started with the weaning group when her son was nearly a year old. Her health visitor recommended she join a weaning group because she wanted to widen her variety of cooking for her and her son. She was eating takeaways, ready meals and processed foods almost every day of the week, apart from some homemade meals when she visited her mum. However, she was a bit concerned about her son who, previously, had not settled in a few crèches from the area.

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Cook & Taste

A 36 year old mum and her 4 year old son became regulars at the Cook & Taste sessions (parnership work between PCHP and the Muirhouse Community Shop). The mum works part-time and found it difficult to find time to cook from scratch. She said, “I’m not a person who naturally tries new things and I found it difficult to get my son to try new things.” Both mum and son started coming to the Cook & Taste sessions because he wanted to have a look at what we were doing in the shop. The mum felt nervous about meeting new people before the sessions but the Cook & Taste sessions made her feel “welcome and helpful”.

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