Our board members actively contribute a breadth of relevant professional and personal backgrounds and experiences. The board meets monthly with the Director, and members have designated responsibilities as Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. Board meetings are held with alternate focus on strategy and operational matters, with members of the staff team reporting and answering any questions on their area of responsibility. The board has a strong framework of policy development and review, risk management, and relationship development to support sustainability and funding.

Our board members form working groups with staff, volunteers and local people as needed – for example, during planning, strategy and sustainability reviews, learning and development events, project open days and fundraising initiatives with partners, local businesses and supporters.

We are currently looking for volunteers to join our Board of Directors.

We are particularly keen to get local people who have knowledge of the needs of the communities we work with, and who are willing to give some time to help PCHP set its strategic direction and ensure strong management and values.

If you are interested, please email

Current Board Members

Mary Comer

Co-Chair of the Board

Wendy Lister

Co-Chair of the Board

Tabitha Treasure


Balkishan Agrawal

Board Member

“I’ve worked in the Pilton area as a GP for around 3 decades and had the opportunity to deal with various health and socioeconomic problems in the area. I used to regularly refer patients to the project for help and counselling which they found very useful. I have seen the project evolving from its infancy to its present state. After retiring from full time practice I wanted to give something back.

With PCHP I’m aiming to push for Health and Wellbeing particulary preventing disease like Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease by lifestyle modification. My special interests are all about healthy living by promoting healthy eating and acquiring more knowledge about food and nutrition and encouraging physical activity.”

Pauline Caswell

Board Member

“I want to work with PCHP because I think it is a wonderful organisation, which does great work. It makes a valuable contribution to the lives of people in North Pilton.

I hope that by serving on the Board I can put my qualification in health promotion to good use in the service of my local community.”

Sean Fitzharris

Board Member

Graham Rae

Board Member

“My background is in the financial services sector and I see my role on the board as bringing a different viewpoint to discussions.

I wanted to work with an organisation that makes a real difference to people. It is important to me that the organisation works with people and does not simply impose solutions on them.

I hope that my experience in administrative systems and procedures, and risk management, will help with the development of the structures and processes in the organisation. I would also like to help develop the profile of PCHP and broaden how it raises its finances.”