Pilton Walking Group

Do you want to get out more, but don't know where to start? Want to meet new people?

Why not join one of our walking groups?

We have two friendly walking groups for anyone - FREE!

Mondays at 1.30pm

Meet at Pilton Community Health Project, 73 Boswall Parkway EH5 2PW

Friday 9.30am

Meet at Crewe Toll Roundabout (opposite the garage at Crewe Rd South)


Public transport is used to access walks around Edinburgh so bring your bus fare or bus pass.

Walks usually take an hour and often finish at a nearby cafe (optional)


Contact us before a walk to find out where we are going.


Project Contact: 

Clare or Lianne

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I've lived in Edinburgh for years, but through the walking group I have seen places I've not seen before.
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