Everyone can cook! recipe book

Thursday 11th May at 12:01pm

Pilton Community Health Project is delighted to launch its new Everyone Can Cook recipe book. Today’s celebrations (see pictures in the link below) are the culmination of months of work from the Cooking Club who meet every Wednesday at the Project.
The book showcases some of the group’s favourite recipes which participants have brought from all over Pilton and the world. All the recipes are easy to cook and budget friendly. Over the past few months, the group have tried and tested every recipe before voting on their favourites to be included in the book.
The friendly cooking club gives residents the chance to share recipes and get together for a chat over lunch. The group is very diverse and reflects the population of the area. Because the group is so welcoming they embrace the opportunity to taste new ingredients they may not have been familiar with. The recipes are easy to cook so everyone can join in.
Penny Donnelly, lead volunteer and photographer for the cooking club, said “I think the people are amazing and it's such an honour to work with the group. It’s been great fun putting the book together and really helped boost our confidence and self-esteem. It's amazing being a part of this group”