This page aims to help you find the information you need about how we can help. Click on any of the questions to reveal the answer. If you have a question that isn't answered on this page, please use the form to ask us and we'll do our best to get back to you promptly.

For any other queries please use the contact page to get in touch.

Have you got any advice on how to deal with stress?

This little publication 'Steps to Deal with Stress' produced by NHS Scotland is full of good tips.  Lots of people find it really useful. 

I would like to meet other women/mums and have some structure to my week. What's around?

Women Support Women have groups that run throughout the year and monthly drop-ins where you can meet other women in a relaxed and welcoming environment.   See our What's On page of the website for more details.

I am worried about my debts, losing my home and finding money to feed my children. Who can help me with this?

Women Supporting Women can provide information and offer advocacy support along with other local services to look at reducing risks to homelesness and gain access to support in order to deal with worrisome debts and food bank referrals.

I'm new in the area - where would I go for information about services and support in the area?

One of the Women Supporting Women team will offer help and guidance and can meet for a one off appointment to link you in with other services for specialised support and information.

Where could I go where I can have fun with my child and help him/her develop in confidence whilst interacting with other mums and children in a safe environment?

The PEEP group offeres individual and group opportunities for mums and carers to create the best start for their children by making the most of everyday learning opportunities such as listening, talking, playing, singing and sharing stories and books.

I am feeling really stressed at the moment with my children and partner - where can I go to talk to someone about what I'm going through?

The Women Supporting Women service at PCHP offers individual practical and emotional support, group work, PEEP groups (for mums/carers of young children) and peer support to women living in the Greater Pilton area.  We provide a free creche for children so women can access all of our services.  

How can I find out more information about what fitness/dance classes, gyms and sports facilities there are in my area?

You can visit our local online Physical Activity map for up to date information on what's on in North Edinburgh.


What is the Living in Harmony project about?

Living in Harmony is about co-ordinating and supporting what is going on in North Edinburgh that helps different communities to meet one another and build up links and relationships.  This happens through Forum meetings where agencies and the local community can hear from each other, as well as in the many groups, events and activities that are occurring in North Edinburgh to enable community integration and understanding. 

How can I feed my family on a budget and cook a variety of different meals?

Join the FREE cooking group at PCHP to increase your knowledge of planning meals on a budget, how to use leftovers and tips to make different meals with the same ingredients.  Increase your cooking skills and your understanding of what is healthy eating. See our "What's On" page or call/email us to find out when the next cooking group starts. 

Where can I learn how to cook good, simple meals on a budget and how to eat more healthily?

At PCHP we run regular blocks of FREE cooking classes involving learning basic cooking skills while preparing a meal, as well as learning about ways to achieve a more healthy diet.  See our "What's On" page for details of the next cooking classes, call us or email us.